Automatic Screenshotter 1.18.1 免安裝版 - 自動擷取電腦螢幕畫面 螢幕側錄軟體

Automatic Screenshotter
Automatic Screenshotter
自動擷取電腦螢幕畫面 - Automatic Screenshotter,自動於背景作業,擷取全螢幕桌面或使用中視窗,可以自訂自動擷取的間隔秒數,指定擷取的黑名單或白名單程式、圖檔以時間及程式名稱自動命名,還可以隱藏工作列小圖示,可以當成是螢幕側錄軟體來使用。(阿榮)(下載

系統需求:Windows 10/8.x/7/Vista/XP/2000(32及64位元)

Automatic Screenshotter is a tool that lives down in your system tray and takes regular screenshots of your desk or the active window.
- It's made to run in the background, taking screenshots of either the currently active foreground window, or the entire desktop.
- You can configure how often the screenshots are taken, and how they are named. The naming can include putting them into subdirectories and can be based on the data,time, and application name.
- It will automatically prune older screenshots based on limits you set regarding screenshot age, # screenshots to keep, and total file space you want to use.
- It will also try to be smart about avoiding saving multiple screenshots when the window (desktop) contents don't actually change, with some configurable tolerances, to minimize disk space used.
- It can also be told about certain applications to never capture, or alternatively a small list of applications that it should only ever capture.
- It can be configured to ignore capture when your pc has been idle for a certain amount of time, or when screensaver is running, or when full-screen games are running.
- You can also manually trigger a capture with a hotkey.
- You can also toggle capturing on-and-off easily from system tray menu.
- Screenshots are saved as standard png files.

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