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BartPE Builder
BartPE Builder
開機光碟製作工具 - BartPE Builder,可以將一些網卡驅動程式包進去開機光碟,例如:True Image 不支援的網卡驅動程式,可以用 Acronis True Image plug-in for BartPE 搭配這套免費軟體來將驅動程式打包進去。(阿榮)(下載

官方網站:Nu2 Productions

BartPE vs. Windows PE?

* BartPE is not supported by Microsoft. Windows PE is an official Microsoft product.
* BartPE has a graphical user interface. Windows PE has a command line interface.
* The tools needed to make a BartPE installation are free software. Windows PE is available only to Microsoft OEM users.
* BartPE allows unlimited custom plugins. Windows PE has a limited range of plugins options.

What is the technical difference between BartPE and Windows PE?

* Target - Microsoft sees Windows PE as an installation platform. Bart sees Windows PE as the next generation rescue platform.
* Start-menu - Bart's builder gives you a simple, dynamic and powerful start-menu (Nu2Menu, see screenshots). Microsoft's builder does not give you a start-menu, it uses a command prompt.
* Build from - Bart's builder can also build from Windows XP Home Edition or from a preinstalled Windows XP version (without CD).
* Plugins - With PE Builder you can easily add applications, drivers or tools using plugins. This makes PE Builder extremely powerful. The end user can even combine plugins from different software vendors into one CD image.
* Network support - PE Builder includes its own network support tools (bartpe/penetcfg) to start TCP/IP and Microsoft Client. The TCP/IP settings like: dynamic/static ip-address, subnet-mask, default gateway, dns-servers computer-name, workgroup can be changed on-the-fly. You can create pre-defined profiles, that you can select. Microsoft Windows PE only supports DHCP or fixed settings using winbom.ini.
Also there is a plugin (NwDskPe) created by Erwin Veermans that loads the Netware Client on BartPE (IP/IPX).
* Fileshare - BartPE can start File Sharing support so you can connect to the system through a share.
* VNC - Because of the File Sharing support you can also run UltraVNC.
* Dos support - Bart's builder has a plugin called "dospe".
* License - Microsoft Windows PE is only for Enterprise/OEM customers (see previous), BartPE is for everybody!
* 64-Bit - Bart's builder does not support Windows 64-bit editions.

Requirements to build:

1. The files from your Windows Installation CD-Rom.
Supported Windows versions are:
* Windows XP Home Edition (must be slip streamed with Service Pack 1 or higher)
* Windows XP Professional (must be slip streamed with Service Pack 1 or higher)
* Windows Server 2003, Web Edition
* Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition
* Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition
2. PE Builder runs on Windows 2000/XP/2003/BartPE systems.
3. CD/DVD writer if you want to creat a bootable CD/DVD.

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