WolfClock 3.0 - PDA專用時鐘

WolfClock 是個 Windows Mobile 平台的時鐘、鬧鐘,介面漂亮、可以設定無限個鬧鐘、可以設定 MP3、WAV、OGG、AIFF...等音樂檔案為鈴聲。(阿榮)(下載

WolfClock is a simple but cool looking alarm clock or desk clock application that allows you to configure the colors and background images, sounds, and a bunch of other options.Some features include:
- Unlimited alarms.
- Music player that can play music while you fall asleep.
- Configurable brightness control (for supported devices only).
- Supports MP3, WAV, OGG, AIFF, MOD, S3M, XM, & IT file formats for sounds.
- Configure the fonts & font attributes to use whatever TrueType font you'd like!
- Set up a shuffle list for background images.
- Runs either full screen or in a more traditional window.
- Customizable alarm sounds
-- can use all popular sound formats.
- Customizable text and graphics colors.
- Exclusive artwork included
-- and special thanks to Ryan Bliss at Digital Blasphemy for allowing me to include some of his images.
- Contains a main alarm, nap alarm, and snooze alarm.
- Alarms are persistent
-- they will sound if the app isn't running, or even if the Pocket PC is off.

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